Players from mainland China, who are the mainland Chinese passport holders, can enter for Guangzhou Nansha, Fujian Ocean West, and Kunming Jialize Qualifying tournaments on the understanding that they must pay an entry fee for each tournament that they play. Players from countries and regions other than mainland China , who do not hold a mainland Chinese passport, can only participate at the Guangzhou Nansha International Qualifying. 

1) Guangzhou Nansha International Qualifying

Feb. 5, 2018: Practice Day
Feb. 6, 2018: Round One
Feb. 7, 2018: Round Two

2) Guangzhou Nansha Qualifying

Feb. 8, 2018: Practice Day
Feb. 9, 2018: Round One
Feb. 10, 2018: Round Two

3) Fujian Ocean West Qualifying

Mar. 15, 2018: Practice Day
Mar. 16, 2018: Round One
Mar. 17, 2018: Round Two

4) Kunming Jialize Qualifying

Mar. 26, 2018: Practice Day
Mar. 27, 2018: Round One
Mar. 28, 2018: Round Two


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